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Disclaimer: this is a spacing and flowchart matchup. Accept that first before continuing.

Currently Studying

  • How to punish Peach downsmash?
    • Downsmash on shield
    • Downsmash right next to shield but not on shield
    • Downsmash at ftilt range
    • Downsmash at dashgrab/boostgrab range
  • How to edgeguard low Peach recovery?


  • You must be okay with not hitting Peach and running away until the situation is right.
  • You must be okay with doing dthrow -> fair/nair/uair a lot this matchup
  • Peach will want you to recklessly approach.
    • She will throw turnips to wall you out and make you feel like approaching. When she does this, turn to needles and platforms. Worst case, just grab the turnips and throw them back.
    • She will go to a platform and downsmash on it. DO NOT APPROACH HER. The most you can do is backair or forward air her head from a very far away position. Her downsmash will suck you in if you use c-stick up for the aerial due to the ASDI up input you are doing. If you do other aerials that are not up air or down air then it doesn't really matter since you trade and will get knocked back far away enough where the ASDI in input now does not matter.
    • She will downsmash the front and back of your shield. Roll away or wavedash away from her if you need to escape. Hold your shield for the first couple hits and then drop shield and prepare your counter attack. You can fair, needle turnaround bair, normal bair, grab, falling uair, and needle Peach confidently in this position.
    • You need to be always drifting back whenever using short hop bair. To get your short hop bair setup, consider the follwoing movement options:
      • Needle turnaround bair
      • Dash back, shield stop bair
  • Play patient and approach only when you are clearly in an advantage situation.
    • Peach is the queen of trades and you are a feather. You will die before her trades negatively effect her.
    • Peach will hold down and play a heavy crouch cancel game. Needle her and use her lack of action as a way to get grabs. Be careful on your timing to get grabs. Otherwise, use your zoning tools to force Peach to run into your moves.
    • Back air is the name of edge guarding until she is trying to snipe ledge with her up-b. Once Peach has used up-b and is aiming for ledge, treat the situation similar to the solo Ice Climbers edge guard.
    • Lengthen your dash dance. No need to keep it super short. Trust that you know your timing to use your entire dash length. If you enter the turnaround, remember you can jump out of it to platform or to a wavedash.
  • Play the center of the stage whenever you feel lost or scared.
    • If Peach has the center, then:
      • she can pick a turnip and start harassing you
      • she can float at a height to cover both the platform and a grounded approach
      • she can dash dance to bait a bad approach to punish you heavily
      • she can hold her position and start chipping away
    • If you have the center, then:
      • Peach cannot safely pull a turnip
      • Peach has to commit to a grounded approach towards the center, giving you a clear avenue for interaction.
      • Peach has to commit to an option to get to the platform, giving you an opportunity to anti-air and force an edge guard potentially.
      • Peach has to commit to retreating to the ledge, a position where Peach is extremely weak. This situation will rarely happen due to how bad it is for Peach. Your goal is to get Peach to only feel confident in this position because of your spacing and option coverage.
  • Shield is a good option but it stops your movement, one of your best tools against Peach.
    • If you need to shield, do so and then make sure you start moving again.
    • Shielding is a way for your opponent to get grabs and punish you.
  • Comebacks are possible against Peach.
    • She is heavy which may make comebacks seem tough.
    • She trades a lot which may make comebacks seem tough.
    • You are a zoning machine with a very fast and damaging projectile. You can space while moving fast to abuse the fact that Peach has absymal movement. Do not be afraid to camp her with your speed. Just make sure to always watch the screen and keep tabs of what Peach is doing.