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TODO: add notes from Jada, Slypig, Just, and Polish


  • Get Falco above 28% percent using needles, well-spaced bair, and grab
  • Falco is a glass cannon, treat him as one
    • He can be gimped easily off stage
    • He can punish you quickly so don't recklessly approach
    • He can set the pace of the match at any time with laser
  • Reaction tech chase him if you can, but be happy with tech chasing off the hit
  • Power-shield lasers when possible, but you have other laser options
    • Take laser:
      • Ftilt
      • Utilt
      • Dtilt
      • Dash back
      • Wave dash forward
    • Avoid laser:
      • Use movement to go to platforms or duck lasers
      • Use needles to stop the laser when at a safe distance

Dealing with Tough Positions

Let's go through some tough positions for Sheik and figure out what you can do in them.

  • Falco is on top platform and you are directly below the top platform on the stage
    • Run away
    • Maybe up tilt
    • Running away is a good option still
  • Falco is on a side platform and you are directly below the side platform on the stage
    • If you think Falco is holding down, run away
    • If you think Falco is not holding down (very rare especially in this position), then:
      1. Forward air
      2. Up air
      3. Back air
      4. Neutral air
      5. Waveland on to:
        1. Grab
        2. Ftilt
        3. Utilt
        4. Dtilt
  • Falco is at roll distance away from ledge and you are on ledge
    • Breathe and remember your ledgedash practice
    • Maybe Shino stall or Sami stall for a second
    • Hit the nastiest ledge dash in the world and then:
      • Grab if you have the frames and distance on your ledgedash
      • Ftilt if you have the intangibility
      • Utilt if you have the intangibility and the confidence
      • Dtilt if you have the intangibility, the confidence, and know Falco isn't holding down

Edge Guarding

  • Use back air and aim to get the strong hit when you can
  • Fair can be used at very low percents since it doesn't send them into knockdown
  • Needle snipes true combo into grabbing and holding the ledge
  • You can hit the up-b charge with:
    • Fair
    • Bair
    • Nair
    • Uair
    • Needles
    • Ftilt
    • Dtilt
    • Jab
  • React to side b to stage and ledge while positioning for up-b mixups

Reaction Tech Chasing

See the reaction tech chasing section in the Fox notes for a more detailed explanation.

  • There are 2 places you have to react
    • The DI off of down throw
    • The tech option after the DI
  • You need to wave dash to the proper distance to react to the tech option
  • If they DI away(-ish) and tech away, you need to boost grab
  • If they DI in(-ish) and tech away, you need to boost grab
  • Falco requires very fast reactions due to his long tech roll
    • Don't beat yourself up for missing a reaction
    • Use the information you learn about Falco's tech decisions to make reacting easier